Elaine's Bakery delivers donuts and pastries to more than 60 locations throughout Maine. Call us today to find out about reselling our wonderfully fresh baked goods!


Born and raised on a potato farm near Fort Kent, Maine, Elaine got an early start, cooking and baking for her family of eight. She left the farm after graduation to pursue a 30-year career in government, during which she would always talk about fulfilling her dream of owning a bakery. In 2007 that dream came true. Today Elaine’s has evolved into a retail/wholesale bakery and breakfast café.

Today Elaine’s Bakery & Cafe delivers donuts and pastries to more than 60 locations. Our goal is to package and ship our donuts and pastries around the world.

What makes elaine's special?

HOW ELAINE'S' Bakery & cafe CAME TO BE

We've been creating wholesome baked goods from scratch, way before it became trendy.


Our uniquely flavorful  baked goods are  made with pure-and-simple ingredients . Join the 60-plus local stores and establishments who are featuring our freshly baked products..